Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment

Norwood Construction Services truly believe in delivering a safe and healthy working environment

Quality Assurance

Delivery a successful project requires organisational skill as well as a combination of individual skills in the wider team. Norwood believe in constant improvement and in fostering excellent communication between ourselves and our clients.

We handle most services in-house but if we do use sub-contractors on a project we ensure that they are responsible and meet strict criteria in their approach to health and safety, project management standards and quality control.

We consider that our employees and partners high standards are essential in the continuing growth of our company, contributing to our success by being open and honest with our clients and always putting every effort into ensuring the success of each project we carry out.

We promise to make every effort in delivering work to the highest standard specified in our contract within budget and within the agreed time. We ensure that all of our employees are are trained in quality assurance and that their training in ongoing and that we meet all legal requirements for implementing quality control measures.

Environmental Commitment

The staff at Norwood Construction are very aware of our environmental responsibilities and do our utmost to ensure that we minimise waste on all of our construction sites. 

We take care to conserve natural resources by trying to be as efficient as possible, by minimising waste and using materials as efficiently as possible.

We always try to be as considerate as we can to people and businesses that are close to the work site, minimising volume during construction activities where possible and making sure that access and egress to their premises are never blocked.

Health and Safety

We put a major emphasis on Health and Safety and our highly motivated team of skilled people do everything they can to ensure that projects always run safely, on time, on budget and to a very high standard.

We ensure that we do everything that we possibly can to ensure that we provide a s safe and healthy working environment for our staff, our subcontractors and anyone in the environs of the site we are working on. Nobody should ever be hurt in a place of work and we do everything we can to ensure that our health and safety record remains impeccable.

Our staff comply with all regulations and approved codes of practice (ACOP’s) and guidance notes and carry out job specific Health & Safety Plans. 

We provide strong leadership to our staff, offering all the help and support they require to ensure standards are maintained at all times. Likewise all subcontractors that we employ are offered all of the support, advice and assistance to ensure work is carried out to a high standard that meets all current legislation.